Toshiba Laptop Issues

By JChristin
Nov 19, 2006
  1. My Toshiba S2654 M45 has been a fantastic laptop.

    I purchased it July 1995. Purchased a three year extended warranty.

    Issue I - May 2006:
    Laptop would overheat, then shut down. Prior to shut-down the cursor stopped moving and everything froze up.

    Service Center:
    Replaced the CPU, fan, and motherboard.
    Everything worked great again.

    Issue II: November 2006
    Same issue as the first issue.

    Service Center:
    Said they will replace the motherboard, cpu, and fan again. Said they may need to replace the hard disk, but will wait to see if replacing the first noted items will cure the problem.

    Service Center Problem:
    Please let me know if contacting Toshiba might help to cure this problem with the servicer:

    Three weeks ago when Issue II occured I dropped my laptop off at the service center for repairs. They kept it for the entire week, then finally at 7:30 pm on a Friday night they called and said to come pick it up.

    When I arrived there, the guy said he replaced the motherboard with a temporary one, one that doesnt have volume/sound ability as a temporary measure. He said he would order parts: motherboard, cpu, fan from Toshiba and call me when they arrived.

    One week later: No call. My laptop continues to shut-down without forewarning. However, I have backed up all my emails and important docs on my external hard drive.

    Is this acceptable warranty service from an authorized toshiba service center?

    What could be the real issue behind my computer malfunctioning?

  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Read the Toshiba warranty terms.. I'm pretty sure that some fine print somewhere says that they are really not responsible for anything and provide no guarantees :p

    Are you sure the laptop is overheating? They replaced pretty much anything, only things left that could cause overheating would be the PSU or maybe a monster (7200 RPM?) hard drive.
  3. JChristin

    JChristin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ya, it overheats. It gets super hot underneath. It turns off with no notice. Bing - its off.

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