toshiba laptop lost recovery disk what to do

By Blueangel_63034
Jan 2, 2006
  1. Hi My son lost his toshiba recovery disk to a 1415 S-173 it uses windows xp
    since the loss his laptop has caught a virus that has left it virtually useless .
    the virus seems to be gone but many options are lost including the ability to move cursor button to the next line an so fourth ..
    my question is this if I buy a new windows XP operating system will this fix my problem will this remove the old xp os system an replace it with a working one or do i need specifically the toshiba disk to fix this..not worried if i lose some progroams just want his internet service back so he can stay off my pc .
    thank for any advice

    PUTALE TS Rookie Posts: 126

    if you buy a new windows and install it, it will wipe the whole hd and install your windows on it. This will get rid all the files on the hd.. This will remove the virus and whatever you have on the laptop, so all your files and such. When you install the new windows, make sure you choose format to format the HD to ensure the HD got wiped clean. Then proceed to windows installtion. AFter it's done, go to toshiba's website and download the needed driver for your system.
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