Toshiba Libretto now available for pre-order in the US


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Toshiba's dual-screen clamshell tablet is officially on sale in the States, courtesy of The site has opened a pre-order page for an iteration of the Libretto, model W105-L251. The device packs twin 7-inch multi-point touchscreens, with one acting as a standard computing display and the other serving as a software keyboard. The secondary display can also be utilized for other tasks, such as an extended reading area for ebooks.

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Impressive! Good it's not running Android OS, but I rather have Windows OS 7 that's great. Price I hope it's more like the was posted around $400 bucks. I would buy one right now!
I wonder how versatile the touchscreen capability can be as multitouch seems to be best for smartphone devices.Also when you clam the clamshell, it looks quite chunk due to the full OS on it. Although I like the simplicity of iPad, but the dual screen capability of Toshiba Libretto means I can work my document while check email on the other screen, besides I can add external media like USB drive if I need to. May get one in couple months time.