Toshiba Satellite Pro- Laggy Screen

By Robin997
Jul 17, 2008
  1. hi everyone,

    I have a toshiba satelite pro 4270 laptop, and have finally got pretty much everything configured correctly and sorted out after expperiencing RAM propblems. Right, so heres the slight problem with the laptop, which involves the screen. The screen is 13" and (unfortunately) has a max resolution of 800x600. Basically the problem is the screen is verry laggy, and when i type on MS Word, it takes like two seconds for the text to come up on the screen, and the laggyness is making using the laptop a negative experience. I first suspected the graphics were not up to the job of displaying xp, but i connected the laptop up to an external monitor, and the laggyness problem is gone. There were also a few older games i was intending up install on the laptop, but there is no point due to this problem.

    Does anyone know wether toshiba just made duff screens on toshiba laptops, or wether there is any way to change screen response rate?

    many thanks in advance!:)
  2. Tedster

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    this sounds like a driver issue. Ensure your drivers are up to date.
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