Toshiba Satellite S7802... put in two different CD ROM drives... won't boot, not recognized

By Amy_S
Dec 1, 2012
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  1. Hi... we are working on a computer for a family member. Windows has slowed down incredibly, they had multiple viruses and spyware... we tried to clean it off for them but decided it would be easier to just do a reinstall.

    We have been googling, going to various tech sites, etc., and cannot figure this out. The CD drive was not recognized in Windows and wouldn't work... we thought it was just part of their other computer problems. Upon rebooting... it won't boot from the CD ROM (which is a Toshiba brand, factory drive). We already checked the boot order, CD ROM is set first, HDD second. No network boot enabled. So, we thought the drive was bad. We bought a new drive... put it in... same issue. I find it hard to believe we got two bad drives one after the other. Windows of course doesn't recognize it either. Both of the drives act like they can read... they flash... you hear them running... but it doesn't show up and won't allow us to boot into anything, not Windows, not Linux... nothing... from the CD ROM. It just will not boot from anything but the hard drive (and no option to boot from USB).

    We are at a loss as to what to try next. We tried looking for jumpers, cables, etc., but it doesn't have them. Any suggestions?
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    Dose this laptop or computer have a recovery partition?

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