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Sep 23, 2005
  1. OK, let me try to make this simple cause that's the way I need any replies. My daughter's pc (given to her by her step-brother) is a Compaq 7000US that originally came with Windows ME, but later had Windows XP Pro installed on it. Her hard drive had become so currupted and so many problems and I took her hard drive out and installed it into my pc as a slave drive. My pc is also a Compaq Presario and came installed with Windows XP Home. I formatted her hard drive and used my System Recovery Cds to install Windows XP home on her hard drive. After doing this I disconnected my hard drive and made hers the master in my own pc. Windows XP Home booted up perfectly and I thought I had done a great job knowing nothing about pcs. So I reinstalled her hard drive back into her pc and now when hers tries to boot up it hangs at the screen where you select what mode to start windows. When I choose normal startup a bar goes across the bottom of the screen and then just sits there. If I try any other mode it scrolls a lot of system files and then stops at the end of them. Knowing very little about computers I am surely at a total loss now. What can I do???? And, thnx for any replies using layman's terms!!!
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    You might try booting the daughter's pc with the win xp cd to repair the installation, it might be able to fix the problem.
    Here's a guide.
    It's always best to install on the pc it will be used on.

    If you used your xp on your daughters xp pc(i.e. have one copy of xp on two computers), then you will have issues with activation, and likely the one pc will stop working after 30days if it can't be activated. Xp can only be on one pc legally per copy.
  3. bozzanddww3

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    Much Thanks

    I appreciate your fast response to my question. I'll take her hard drive out and start over on my pc as a slave and maybe load the recovery files to her pc this time. Thnx again!
  4. vnf4ultra

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    Do you have access to the daughter's pc? If so, then why are you removing the drive to install xp? It's better to install on the pc you want the copy of xp to be used on.
  5. bozzanddww3

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    Daughter's pc

    Yes, I do have the pc here but when I tried to use my System Recovery Disks on her pc it said the disks wouldn't work for that pn. That's why I thought I'd take the hard drive out and try to get it loaded using my pc. So far I am still having no luck getting it to run in her pc. Thnx for the response tho!!
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    you cannot load Win XP on more than 1 machine. It is licensed for only 1 motherboard at a time. Also you cannot load Win XP on one computer and transfer the hard disk to another... the configurations will be different and it will crash. You also cannot load it on one machine with the intention of using it on another. it won't work for 2 reasons: 1. configuration files 2. license key

    You must format the hard drive you want on the SAME machine you intend to install it on. Since you already loaded win xp on another machine, you may have to call M$ to get a new activation code when you install it on the correct machine.

    M$ probably thinks you have installed it already on another machine.
    Windows installs drivers and config files tailored to the machine it is installed on.

    Also a heads up - if the machine originally had ME, it probably doesn't have enough memory. I wouldn't run XP on any machine with less than 512MB.
  7. bozzanddww3

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    Thnx for your in depth reply. I found that out when I put daughter's HD in my pc and formatted it and loaded my Recovery CDs onto it. It ran perfectly with Windows XP Home in my pc but when I put it back in hers, nothing. I suppose nothing left to do other than to order Xp Home off the internet for at least half price of what Wal-Mart wants for it ($99). Thnx again!!!
  8. Tedster

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    you're probably buying a OMP CD then.... that's ok, just be aware....
  9. bozzanddww3

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    What is OMP?
  10. Tedster

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    original manufactuer product..... sometimes called OME....

    means it was a CD originally intended to be pre-installed on a commerical computer, but wasn't and so it is being sold seperately.
  11. Vigilante

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    Tedster, you mean "OEM". For "Original Equipment Manufacturer".

    The $99 price from Walmart if probably XP Upgrade. Which is fine except that you'll have to have a real CD for ME or 98. Your Compaq recovery CD would not suffice. So be carefull about buying an upgrade version, you may not be able to use it.

    If you buy XP online (and NOT ebay!), you will pay about $89 to $100+ for the REAL XP Home. Which is not upgrade edition. And get it with Service Pack 2 as well (SP2).

    From Newegg, in the $90s:
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