Totally random reboots

By mooli
Jun 23, 2008
  1. The past half year actually I've been getting random reboots, in the start they just came like once a week. Then they could just vanish totally for about a month or so then they would appear again, it has been going on like this since like last October. Recently the reboots have appeared more often and some days it's so bad that the computer will keep rebooting constantly for 30 minutes.

    Something else which I guess is good to inform about is that sometimes when after the computer have rebooted the screen wont start.
    Like if it was totally dead, I am using an ASUS A6Km by the way with AMD Turion64 mt-37 and a Geforce Go 7300. In the start, well some weeks ago I thought that maybe it was the custom-drivers that where messing with me, since in the beginning I only got these reboots while playing. But I started using the original drivers and yet I had the problems. Aswell I suspected that the reboots were caused due over-heating but that wasnt the case. The past 3 weeks have involved the computer rebooting even out-of games, generally when it feels like it.

    Oh, and sometimes when the random reboots occur in Windows/games the computer freezes for about 10 sec. When these reboots occur during a start-up they are instant.

    Oh and between, the computer wont write a memory dump either. So I got really no clues to go on, hoping that someone can give me some answers. The computer is nearly 2 years old aswell, may it just be that the hardware is giving up?
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    Based on that, I would recommend downloading and running Memtest overnight.
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