Trailers for Battlefield V, Metro Exodus, and Tomb Raider show off Nvidia's real-time...


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It's like a bad Transformers movie. All the fancy visual effects doesn't help a bad game be any better. If I want eye candy, I'll look at naughty pictures on the internet. Gaming should be all about a great storyline, great game play, and an experience free of bugs and cheaters.
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TS Maniac
You just snapped a thought into my head about Nvidia pricing. I spent decades as a cheapskate audiophile so while I see reviews about $20K speakers and flea watt tube amps, the tech is interesting but I'll never buy it. You get used to it pretty quickly and just buy the good stuff under $300.

I guess I see $1000 top end consumer GPUs as part of the ecosystem and I don't see that $500 top end GPU as, well, not a right or even an expectation. Top end is whatever price they want to set and people will pay, more economics driven than expectation driven. If everyone buys below $500 then they're up the creek, the market will decide that.
I have a feeling Nvidia won’t have too much trouble shifting units at these prices. I’m going to buy one, well, not until I’ve seen reviews but I can’t see myself choosing anything else than a 2080 ti considering I have a 4K monitor. Nvidia managed to sell out of the Star Wars limited edition Titan XP at £999 in the U.K. if that’s an indication then I can see these cards following suit.

If people want cheaper cards then it’s competition that would drive it. If Nvidia can sell their stock at high prices they won’t lower them. Maybe people should start petitioning AMD? Last time I bought a card I chose a pair of 280X cards over the equivalent 770s (or 690). Was cheaper and better. However now all AMD can sell me is a Vega 64 for around the same price as a 1080ti in the U.K. What happened to them?