Transfering files from XP Pro SP1 to SP2 problems

By albrmi01
Feb 6, 2005
  1. Alright, I am new to this site and hopefully someone here can give me some insight into why I am having so many problems here...

    I am trying to format my roommate's computer because of all the problems he was having. So to keep the files that he had, which totaled to be over 30 gigs, I decided against putting them onto CDs or even DVDs. We are both on a college network, and it seems impossible to share a network folder so that I can simply transfer the files over the network. I ended up taking out his hard drive and putting it into mine and copying all important files to my hard drive. Well when I was done, I replaced his, formatted, and now I am at the point where he needs the files back. At first he had Windows XP Pro SP2, but that was after an update from SP1. Now he has SP1 again (I was too lazy to go ahead with the update). So instead of going through the tedious process of removing his hard drive and putting it in my computer again, I decided to try something different.

    We get great speeds with transfering files using AIM (AOL Instant Messanger). (what I mean by "great" is speeds over 1 Mb/s) So I chose a directory and hit transfer.

    Well he recieved the files, but when I go to the folder in which they saved, I seem to have a few files which don't want to be accessed. One or two give me errors pertaining to something like their names being too long, but how can this be? I can access them perfectly on my computer, and I doubt AIM did anything to alter them...

    Could this be a problem between SP1 and SP2, I doubt it but I can't seem to figure it out...

    As for a solution to getting rid of these files now, I have read a few articles on it... I know how to change the owner, which is not the cause, and I know all about the del command in dos, but still no luck. I am going to try to kill the explorer.exe process first then try the del command again, but somehow I doubt it will work, but I could be wrong! If anyone has had a problem similar to this, which somehow I doubt, please let me know. I am completely confussed and frustrated at this point.

    Thanks and sorry about the long post.
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