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Mar 9, 2010
  1. When I went thru all kinds of gyrations to try to install Adobe Flash Player 10 and couldn't get it to work, I tried the VLC download as recommended by a kind poster on this forum.

    Works super, thanks so much!

    Just one question. I haven't had much time to explore it, but is there a way to repeat a video until stopped, like WM player can do? I like that feature for some of the music I listen to.

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    Show the playlist, then click the button (once for single item, twice for repeat entire playlist) that is highlighted in my screenshot below:
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    Better settings

    Tools -> Preferences -> Show Settings -> All - > Playlist
    repeat all
    repeat current item.

    If you check these boxes, you will be able to alternate, from the playlist. VLC is kind of funky this way.

    If you're talking about looping from point A to B (you know, for porn) then you left click on the menu bar:

    View -> advanced controls

    Then you will see the A-B button. click once to drop the start point, click again to drop the end point. I've used this trying to follow some butterfly knife video and I can tell you first hand, the shorter the clip the crappier this is going to work, VLC doesn't have a frame by frame, it seems to jump seconds at a time.

    GOM Media player is a bit better, but a uses more resources, but it has a friendlier interface.
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    Glad VLC is working for you. It's a very useful player.
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