Tried to download Kaspersky from Downloads, site not available??

By macx ยท 6 replies
Sep 25, 2005
  1. Title basically says it.

    Tried to save the combination suite, couldn't find the site.

    Then tried the K anti-hacker, couldn't find that site either.

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    i tried to download em as well. i think the link must be down...
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  5. macx

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    Seems another Nasty may have reared it's ugly head!

    I had already done the Spybot and Adware, then worked
    my way thru your instructions on your "How to Remove - -
    Nasties" thread.

    I went to the trendmicro link (i have 98SE), opened and
    tried to run the scan. It never got started - a box came
    up that said a fatal error had occurred and both that
    site, this board site, and my internet connection quit
    on the spot.

    Haven't had time to go to the site yet, will
    try that later tonite when I get back from work.

    When I did the HiJack in Safe mode, I did not find anything
    on that list, but when I went into the C Windows Temp
    files, I found a couple hundred files I deleted. This was
    after I ran disc cleanup and all the other things!

    The PC still seemed to work good, in fact was a little
    faster starting up, and logging onto and browsing the net.

    I'll chase this some more later tonite.

    BTW I don't use IE (deleted it entirely some time ago) but use
    Netscape 7.0 instead, partly because IE is a very
    common attack point.

    Thanks for the continued help!!
  6. macx

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    I went to the K site via the link you provided.

    Reading the product info, I see that IE is required
    for users of 98SE.

    I use Netscape and have uninstalled IE.

    Will the K anti virus only work with IE, or
    do I need IE just to download and install it?

    If it won't work with Netscape, what would
    be a good alternative?

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