Triple camera Huawei P11 featuring Face ID-style unlocking could debut at MWC


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If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it looks like Huawei is going out of its way to really flatter Apple. Following news that the Chinese company might be adding an iPhone X-like notch in its P11 flagship, the device will reportedly also feature a Face ID-style security system.

At the launch event for the Honor 7X and the Honor View 10, Huawei announced its “Point Cloud Depth Camera.” Like the iPhone X’s TrueDepth system, this 3D depth-sensing camera features multiple sensors that project infrared points of light at a person’s face to identify them.

In the video from Notebook Italia, Honor device engineer Matthew Leone shows off Huawei’s new camera, noting that it’s both more accurate and safer than Apple’s version.

Huawei says its system enables “payment-level Face Verification” and “400ms Rapid Face Unlock.” It’s available as an add-on module for the Mate 10, but looks as if it will be integrated into the P11, too.

Moreover, it’s rumored that the P11 will go one better than most flagship smartphones’ dual camera setup and come with three rear cameras. In addition to features like 40-megapixel pictures and 5x hybrid zooming—a combination of digital and optical zoom—it also has a 24-megapixel selfie snapper, according to reliable tipster Evan Blass.

According to another Twitter tipster, Roland Quandt, the camera- and AI-focused Huawei P11 is set to arrive sometime in Q1 2018. Like its P10 predecessor, the handset might be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which starts on the 26 February.

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Kinda big, fugly plus--in to the device. Seems more like a shrunk down X-Box thingie than Apple's Face ID, which is built into the device.


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I'm a fan of Huawei...I've had 3, currently the Mate 9.
I'm also a long time photographer. All the way back to the late 60's when I was a kid
helping my dad develop b&w photos. I've had cameras myself since the 70's.
But, this crazy notion of smartphone cameras getting as good or better photos than even
a consumer grade dSLR is just nuts (not that it says it in this article, but in general).
The sensors on these smartphones are TINY. A consumer APS-C sensor is 7-10 times
LARGER than any smartphone. And, stuffing MORE sensors...the only thing that gets you
is the ability to zoom/crop, without a lot of distortion. More isn't always better, due to the size
of each sensor.
I'd rather see the entire industry dump the slim, colorful, sexy, stylish garbage, let smartphones
get THICKER to allow for a larger camera sensor, along with a real 5-10x optical zoom retractable


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Well the P10 had horrible battery life so they better improve that or else be prepared to recharge 3 times a day if you're a heavy user.


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Why include FaceID when you can have a fingerprint sensor? The only reason why iPhone has it is because it can't fit in in front and doesn't want it in the back or sides. It's a compromise disguised as a feature.


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Well the P10 had horrible battery life so they better improve that or else be prepared to recharge 3 times a day if you're a heavy user.
It did? Never had to charge mine more than once a day. It also quick charges so if you do need it to last more than a day a 15 minute top up will make it last two.

I wonder if their face id will be like their fingerprint scanner and revert to asking for a PIN every few days.