Trojan from a DHL message and McAfee asked for more subscription fee to 'clean' my PC

By lemonvictim
Feb 5, 2010
  1. My pc was infected recently from a fake DHL message. Pop-ups masquerading as windows security and the slowing down make it hard, even impossible to operate my pc. even though I am subscribing to McAfee. So I called up McAfee and the guy at McAfee wanted $130 for a clean-up via remote assistance by a tech.He explained that the fee was for a once off cleaning service and that I shouldn't have opened the mail - I should have heeded the McAfee pop-up warning. I tried to explain that there was no pop-up warning and that similar email (DHL types) are still in my Inbox! But no pop-up warnings from McAfee.I asked him why the McAfee security software did not stop the mail. His answer was that he was not a technician hence cannot answer. After the pop-up clean-up was performed I asked for a refund but without success. I requested a formal tax invoice online but no one replied.

    Today I received more "DHL" email. My questions are below - can someone help me with some suggestions/info..?

    I have just sighted a McAfee scan report for today and there were about 18 "detections" - one needed restart whilst the rest were quarantined. Do I need to do more? ( My pc is used for my small business and personal stuff including online banking and accounting software.)

    Do I need to look for alternative security protection? The McAfee Site advisor seems a valuable tool to have.

    Should they be charging the extra 130 for once-off cleaning? I am a current subscriber of their three-pc package.

    Would other security software have dectected this trojan even tho it came as a zipped attachment?

  2. Bobbye

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    If you suspect malware and want the system checked, please follow the steps HERE.

    when you have finished, attach the 3 logs for review in your next reply.

    As far as I know a subscription allow the use of a program for the time specified, with regular updating.
    I cannot debate McAfee support policies. If you want a discussion on that, please move to the Windows OS forum.

    The basic security you should have is:
    One antivirus
    One firewall (one software firewall can be combined with a router for added security.)
    Two or more antimalware programs.

    You should also know that NO security program guarantees to prevent all malware. That's why we suggested layered protection.
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