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Trouble building computer with Asus and Samsung Sata drive

By superc64
Dec 26, 2004
  1. I have just started building a new computer. And I ran into a few problems. I'll first list out the stuff I put together.

    -Asus P4P800SE Motherboard
    -P4 3.2e GHZ processor
    -Corsair PC3200 XMS Series 3200CPT 512mb Ram
    -Samsung SP1213C 120 GB SATA harddrive
    -Generic Floppy
    -NEC DVDRW+/- ND-3500A ROM
    -Geforce2 ultra (just for now)

    I tried to boot up with win xp, but the DVD ROM would not boot up. It detects the SATA hard drive but it is listed as the third ide master (i cant change it to first ide master. it detects the floppy but the light on the floppy is always on. everything is plugged in correctly, i double checked and triple checked. Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced
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