Trouble Deleting Icons...

By EternalWarrior
Jan 2, 2005
  1. This may sound like a simple problem but ive tried a few things and none of them work. This is my families computer so you can imagine it gets a lot of use. My dad is constanlty online and has little to no computer knowledge. Sometimes after hes been on all night, ill come back in the morning and there will be icons titled "website hosting" "Bingo" "casino online" "printer cartridges" "card games" "travel" and "poker". if i click on them they take me to a web pages. I know i dont need these icons so ill usually just select them and then Shift+Delete them and they go away for awhile. Now i have a problem because i tried shift+delete to no avail. I tried dragging icons but they are unmoveable. ive tried finding their properties but i cant right click on them. How do i get rid of these icons and how can i keep my dad from getting them back on? Thanks a bunch

  2. RiseAgainst

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    Install a anti-spyware program

    My experience with people who surf the web alot with little computer knowledge will accidently install spyware (which is various programs or data miners that clog up and slowdown yur system and create random pop-ups or in your case, icons to their programs). To rid yourself of all this use Adaware Make sure to update it. It would be hard to stop what your dad may click when he is back on the computer, best way is to avoid those "CLICK ME TO INSTALL" or "DO YOU WANT TO INSTALL A FREE TOOLBAR" adds and messages
  3. Pegasus04

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    After installing Ad Aware, which it's a great advice, try SpywareBlaster too (use them together), update and turn on the protection features (will alert your dad before he make mistakes)

    Visit for a full guide on Spyware removers.

    If you can't delete icons, right click on them, etc. it's probable that your pc is also infected with a virus, so I recommend that you scan it for virus as well, Mcafee Viruscan (updated) is a very good one, altough not free antivirus, check out for others if you like.

    Good Luck :)
  4. EternalWarrior

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    problemed solved thanks guys!
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