Trouble Finding PCIe x1 Graphics Card

By Deadcell
Aug 17, 2007
  1. Hey guys when i first tried to install a game and i realized my graphics card needed to be upgraded, it put me on a two-week roller-coaster of research and surfing the Internet. I know i need a card that can support DX 9.0c, but i then found out my computer only had 2 PCI and one PCIe x1 slot. I understand that, for some reasons, although older, PCIe x1 cards are more exprensive. I recently was looking at the VisionTek PCI Radeon 1500, but later thought about the nVidia 7300 GT because i read an article stating that this card WAS offered in PCIe x1. All i need to know is if anyone knows of a PCIex1 video card that supports DirectX 9.0c that is under 140$ and doesn't require an anourmouse power supply. By now i'm really desperate and have ordered 2 cards only to find that they are really PCIe x16. I REALLY NEED HELP PLEASE!

    Oh and here's my system specs:

    Dell Demension E310 (Yeah i know, not meant for real gaming)
    Microsoft Windows XP Pro
    SATA II Hard Drive
    Intel Integrated Video and Audio cards (WHICH REALY SUK)
    Enough memory and RAM for the latest games...
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