trouble install World of Warcraft off harddrive

By Demoth
Nov 18, 2005
  1. hi i'm new to the community and i need a bit of help.
    I recently moved to china (2 months ago). Now i did not think to bring my WoW cd's with me because i couldn't bring my pc do to limited space. Now after finding ia highly capable Internet cafe i realise i would love to be able to play it. Now since i could not obtain an english copy over here, and after having my family already succefully lose one package in the mail i did not trust the postal service. So i had the game uploaded to a server from the cd's and downloaded it onto the computer. Now when i try and run the install program nothing happens. i don't mean i get an error message, i mean it doesn't do anything, no screen comes up, i can't trace really any movement through task manager either. Does anyone know if there's a specific way i have to run the install file seeing as its originaly off a disc?
  2. DeBentos

    DeBentos TS Rookie


    My first guess would be that your wow discs have securom, safedisc or some other copyprotection.

    But since youre in china, you could try changing your language settings and keyboard layout to your gamediscs original language in windows.
    I've seen rare instances, where some games didn't run correctly unless the language and keyboard in xp were set to the games original language.

    gl & hf

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