Trouble reading DVD's

By nightmarelord
Jan 27, 2006
  1. I have a Micro Advantage DVD+-RW drive for roughly 6 months. (MN 16DDVDRW-A13) I had it in the slave setting with another DVD drive as the master. It was installed and function properly. The problem is that it plays only CDroms but not DVDroms now. I tried reversing the order, (DVDRW as master, DVD as slave), but that results in the same thing. I even tried cleaning the lens with no luck. When I insert a DVD into said drive, the load light stays on for roughly 30 seconds and then flashes. Then I do a run and said drive and it states "Can not read drive due to an I/O error.

    If someone can help, I would be happy. Thanks in advance.
  2. bussman50

    bussman50 TS Rookie

    Sometimes DVD ROMs have two lasers; one to read DVDs and one to read CDs. It could be that your player has this which is why it only reads CDs.
  3. bartek

    bartek TS Rookie

    I have the same problem

    Hey Nightmarelord,
    Did you ever figure out a fix for this problem? I'm having hard time to find updates for driver and firmware.
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