Trouble with Office Imaging Defaults and HP 2400 Scanner

By yukka
Sep 18, 2008
  1. Hi all. This ones a bit annoying and I hope someone can help. Its certainly good for concentrating...

    On my network there are many vista machines set up with default profiles and some are connected to HP Scanjet 2400's. All are running Office 2007.

    The problem that I am experiencing is simple. When I install the Scanjet 2400, microsoft document imaging has the default dpi set to 100 for the color default.

    The upshot of this with the 2400 is that it only scans the top left quarter of the page.

    I have logged in as admin and changed the default to 300dpi which fixes the issues and retains the setting after a relog but this does not work for other users that have mandatory roaming profiles.

    They can change the setting for the duration of their login but but it doesnt save itself on their profile. What would be useful would be to find where the setting is stored so it could be scripted to change on login or adjusted on the profile itself but I cannot find it.

    Thats basically it. Can anyone help me find where the settings are stored for the default color profile that is used for this scanner by Microsoft Office Document Imaging..

    It appears to be fine on the other scanning software installed on the system so its just the MS software.

    Long shot. Maybe someone is bored. I spent a couple of hours yesterday trolling through the registry and program/user directories trying to find it.
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