Trying to build a computer... not working to well

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Nov 27, 2004
  1. arial black Alrighty, issue is this. I have a 3ghz intel p4 with 1gb (2x 512mb) of ddr memory. I have a gigabyte ga-8I915p duo pro. I'm having problems installing the OS, It's a maxtor 80gb hard drive with 8mb of cache. every time I've tried to install my os (winxp pro) it wont let me, it wont even get to the menu to start installing, it will just reset itself. if I don't touch anything it will start up, then restart on it's own. Ask me questions help you out more... sorry this question is kinda vauge just I'm really tired, and just wanted to get it working. I've never used anything, everything is brand new.
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    Is the CPU heatsink properly fitted on the CPU ? The LGA775 motherboards also need a special power supply connector which has 24 pins instead of the ATX standard 20 pin connector. If you have an ATX PSU, I think you have to connect the 20 connector at the left part of the 24 pin connector & then add the 4 pin 12v connector to the remaining part of the PSU connector on the board. I stronlgy advise to read the motherboard's manual before attempting this setup.

    PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
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    Maybe try a different video card- I had a similar crashing problem building a machine a couple of months ago, bought a video card by a different manufacturer, and this was an instant fix. (My motherboard manufacturer reccomended flashing the bios to fix the problem instead, but I was chicken!)
  4. AtK SpAdE

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    I agree with didou, it sounds like you dont have the power supplt set up right
    Do keep us updated as i would like to know if any of the suggestions worked

    Good Luck

    Sean :darth:
  5. firebugga

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    alrighty, I didn't know about the power supply, that would diffenetly make sense. I do have a standard 20pin connector and no that wasn't even mentioned in the manuels. I'm telling you it's the last time I buy gigabyte for that reason. The manuel consist of a fold out diagram to build the computer, you know what I mean, where to put everything. And a manuel to setup the bio's, raid, and other little features. I'm kinda angry about that, because I've had this computer sitting for a good 2.5 months. You know what that's like when you get something good and there's nothing you know that you can do to use it.

    Well my next question would be to this question is, would it be save to buy a 20 to 24pin adapter. I'm kinda out of money atm, so that would be a cheap route until I can eventually get the money to buy a new PS. Thanks for the help.
  6. Ligar

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    I had this prob and it was something to do with my IDE rigging was incorrect.

    Forgot exactly how i fixed it but I think it was summit to do with my IDE cables.
  7. firebugga

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    I called gigabyte for them to tell me that I had the ide cable in the wrong spot. and I put it in the right spot after still didn't do anything. I'm almost sure now it's the PSU, because they didn't tell me that I needed a special power supply. I just realized that I'm gonna need another mouse after I get it working because mine died when I started using my dad's computer. Shoot I had it for 4 years, with hours upon hours of usage.

    I'm also getting some good Thermal Grease just to make sure I have a good seal with the cpu and the heatsink. But I still think it's gonna be the power supply that makes it work.
  8. firebugga

    firebugga TS Rookie Topic Starter

    got the adapter and thermal grease

    Alrighty I got the 20 to 24 pin adapter for my mobo, got the thermal grease for the heatsink and cpu, and I'm still having issues. My moniter isn't getting a signal and it makes this repeative clicking sound. like makes a click once every 2 seconds, kinda sounds like it's restarting. I did all the typical stuff I did last time when I called gigabyte and that didn't work. So what else should I try? I'm so lost please help
  9. Samstoned

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    power supply or ?

    disconnect every card from MB
    take out memory sticks
    reset cmos 30 secs.
    replace memory
    if you have built in video ,stick with that
    if not check to see 4x ,8x and does it need power also
    power supply should be rated for dual processors above 300 watt
    not sure 'bout your MB there may be additional power connectors
    my MB has 3 1 for main and 2 more for the cpu's and FSB
    My machine would not boot up after installin 4 hard drive had to add a new PS
    I am now up to 7 HD's and PS is rated at 600watts
    if it is not PS I would go with bad DDR memory I have had these bad out of the box

    Good Luck
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