Trying to Discern If Mobo Is Fried

By jpz
Jul 28, 2005
  1. Hey Everybody-I have a Abit Nf7-S motherboard running a AMD Athlon 3000+ with a Ati Radeon 9600XT and Maxtor 120GB SATA Hard Drive....this is a system I built myself about 18 months ago. The problem arose when I was changing some of the hardware. I bought a Sonata II to replace my old Antec Server case which was incredibly loud. I managed to move the motherboard and everything out of the old case and into the new without incident.

    When I transferred it into the Sonata II Case, the computer booted and seemed to run fine, however when I used the 'Hardware Doctor' software that came with my motherboard one of the power monitors (the -3.3V I think) was registering at +3.something. It caused a little alarm to go off whenever I brought up the diagnostic software but I just disabled that monitor and thought little of it (yeah that was probably a mistake).

    About a week later I changed cpu fans and added a fan above the Cpu in the air duct of the Sonata II. I took the motherboard out to do this. When I got everything hooked back up and plugged in the power for the fans and maybe the cpu immediately started flickering. It seems like everything in the case flashes on and off when it is just plugged in (without me hitting the power button). The led on the motherboard flashes as well.

    I guess I need to figure out what the problem is. Is it a fried motherboard? Did the psu likely fry it, in that case should I get a new one? Or is it the otherway around, did the motherboard damage the Psu? Is there anyway I can tell if any of this happened without buying another motherboard? Would the rest of my components be ok or are they likely fried too?

    The only differences between when it worked in the Sonata and when it didn't are the Cpu fans, and the addition of one 92mm fan that I hooked up to the psu fan header on the motherboard (maybe doing that fried it?)

    Would it be safe to try it with a different Psu? Should I just get a new psu and motherboard and try it? Could it be another component like the hard drive or memory?

    This was my first build. Thank you everyone for anything you can think of.
  2. jpz

    jpz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problem Solved! it was something small. The fan monitor connector was right next to the 10 pin power connector, and it made it so the power connector could not go in all the way. That’s why the system was freaking out. I didn't realize until I took everything out and hooked it up to a different psu. Feel absolutely free to remove this thread I started now.
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