Trying To Install Win XP Pro On A New HP dv9000

By Manta69 · 81 replies
Mar 21, 2007
  1. t32uka

    t32uka TS Rookie

    if you look precisely at the dv9233cl XP software and driver stuff, there's no option to purchase the notebook recovery disk. but in the dv9000t XP software and driver stuff, there is. it's true, check it out for yourself.

    this is what is in the dv9233cl xp software/driver section:

    this is the section i need which is available in the dv9000t xp sftwr/drvr section:

  2. kryptonite

    kryptonite TS Rookie

    Installing Win XP pro On a new Gateway laptop that has windows media center OS

    K guys here is my problem the laptop that I am working on is not a HP its a Gateway and the option that you are refeering to in the bios does not exists on the gateway machine any other alternatives
  3. ivanmendes

    ivanmendes TS Rookie

    Try installing the Vista drivers for the webcam on your XP system. It worked for me on a DV6000t.
  4. Bachour

    Bachour TS Rookie


    Thanks ivanmendes,

    I never thought about installing vista drivers for my xp pro for the webcam.

    It actually worked!!!! Thanks again , the problem has been bothering me for weeks.
  5. Manta69

    Manta69 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    You want to replace Windows MCE with XP Pro? Or are you trying to replace Vista Ultimate with XP Pro?
    Vista Ultimate is essentially the new Windows MCE (though more stable and reliable). The three versions of XP (Home, Pro and MCE) were essentially stepped versions... Pro had all of the same architechture of home with added security, utilities and networking capabilities; MCE was (supposed to be) the same as Pro with added media portal and multimedia management. In essesnce; MCE had all of the features that a Pro user would need with the ability to enjoy multimedia experience. I personally have never used MCE, however other users of it I know have had mixed experiences... some folks like it, others tell me it's an inferior OS. XP x64 was an entirely different animal... Microsoft's 'first taste' of 64bit with an XP user interface *different enough to require it's own drivers for third party hardware and software because the regular XP driver's usually won't work*.

    For you Vista users who are scrambling around looking for drivers for your peripherals, you may want to try loading any x64 drivers that the third party hardware vendors might have made available. Often times those x64 drivers may give you at least some functionality of your hardware until they are able to release more reliable Vista drivers.

    If you are infact trying to replace MCE with Pro (if you are a power-user, then I can't say that I blame you) then the procedure should be fairly straight-forward, though you may need to f6 your chipset drivers at the beginning of setup so that XP will be able to find your hard drive. If this doesn't work, then you'll probably need to get hold of a full SP2 version of XP.
  6. crossthelimit

    crossthelimit TS Rookie

    Hi there, i have the same problem in dv2000.
    My machine hangs when it is detecting hardware. I have checked the BIOS option but there is no place to disable SATA drive. My BIOS version is F.23.
    Please help me on this.
  7. Holmux

    Holmux TS Rookie

    Trying with a HP dv9535us – no luck !!!

    Hi all
    I still need the XP for all my Rockwell software, and is desperately trying to install XP pro on my new laptop.
    We did this on a HP dv9230us, but I don’t have the same BIOS options on this laptop, I have tried software from Western digital to reformat the hard drive, but still no luck.

    Any one have any good advice ?

    I tried HP support, but after educating them in there own products for hours I gave up that route.
  8. alidabiri

    alidabiri TS Rookie Posts: 441

    try this
    1-get a 98-se floppy boot disk from here:
    2-start your machine with this disk and choose "with cd-rom support"
    3-do "fdisk" - delete any partitions, and create a new one (fat32)
    4-restart same as in #2
    5-format the hd (type format c:)
    6-put xp cd in cd-rom drive and navigate to i386 directory on the cd
    7-run program winnt.exe. this will start xp install process.
  9. Holmux

    Holmux TS Rookie

    Finally – I found a way to install XP

    I found a way using a chipset driver from Intel, and using the F6 method doing installation.

    Thanks for the reply
  10. Holmux

    Holmux TS Rookie

    I have everything working except the Ethernet port, I have a hard time figure out what Ethernet port is installed on this board.

    I would hate to re install vista to check.

    Any one have the right one ?

  11. DerkWehler

    DerkWehler TS Rookie

    Hi.. came across this on a search. Jave a new HP dv9233cl, and have a cD with XP Pro SP2, but how can I get it to install, even with drivers, when XP install comes up and says I cannot specify additional drivers because there is no floppy drive??

    Thanks anyone,
  12. Manta69

    Manta69 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Welcome to the wonderful world of HP... *Chuckles* When I finally managed to install XP on my dv9000t I didn't even need to connect my USB floppy drive. All that needs to be done is disable SATA Legacy Support in the BIOS. Once that's done, XP will install without the need of any extra drivers (no F6 necessary). One thing to note, once XP is installed, you will not be able to re-enable SATA support in the BIOS... doing so will result in a blue screen with a message saying that the computer will be shut down due to a hardware malfunction. Frankly, I have seen no discernable difference with SATA support disabled, and I am one that expects high performance from my machines.
  13. DerkWehler

    DerkWehler TS Rookie

    30 gig xfer


    Thanks! That will really save time; I'll try it. I want to get a large amount of data from one computer to this new one. Will they (XP) see each other if I just use a USB cable between them, or would I need supporting software?

    Thanks again, and in advance.
  14. polomarco75

    polomarco75 TS Rookie

    Hi Manta, in my DV9000Z BIOS there is no option no disable SATA, even with new bios F.28, do you know another way to disable SATA or how to install SATA drivers for XP?
  15. technolance

    technolance TS Rookie

    nobody is reading our post correctly

    Polomarco, Derkwehler, crossthelimit, halo71, monk3y:
    Did any of you get you notebooks to take xp xp pro or MCE because i cant get mine to take, I have looked in dell notebook and gateway notebook bios and there is no sata settings at all the only thing they do is tell you that they have sata controller but you cannot edit any settings.
    i have downloaded and tried all of the different sata controller driver that i can possible get for these two notebooks using f6 on startup alls i get are BSODs with stop:0x0000007B I have contacted gateway and they tell me they cant help me because it is outside support realm which means they dont know Jack about it. I will try dell support next all i have to say is that no one here has come up with any help for the aboe mentioned people and I will add my name to that list ...
    Now does anyone have any idea how to get xp xpprp or even MCE loaded on a freaking notebook with a SATA Hard drive with no SATA bios capabilities in the bios and I mean none. sorry to sound peaved but i have been up for three days and night trying to get one of these two notebooks going and Im mad because I have been working in computer world since 1981 and I cant figure this out so come on show this old computer yoda how the dark side works for this problem
  16. boris1234

    boris1234 TS Rookie

    i've just bought hp pavilion dv9428nr and successfully installed win xp on it (vista is a drag). i have a major issue with the drivers. hp website driver support is terrible, couldn't find anything there. i can't set up graphics, audio, network + i have a whole bunch of unrecognized hardware in device manager. does anyone know which and where can i find the appropriate drivers? (for winxp)
    thank you so much
  17. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

  18. boris1234

    boris1234 TS Rookie

    yeah man, i've checked hp site already. that's the point - hp website offers complete drivers only for windows vista (which can't be used on winxp). i have to look for drivers which are not intended exactly for my hardware (but work on winxp). user absolutezero7 had a similar issue which he has solved successfully, but i got no answer from him so far. do you guys know if my model dv9428 has similar hadrware as dv9000, or anything like that? any ideas?
  19. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    So what is the Device Manger showing? Are you running XP Pro?
  20. boris1234

    boris1234 TS Rookie

    yes i'm runnig winxp pro (sp2 integrated).
    device manager is showing:
    unknown network device
    unknown vga card
    unknown audio device
    unknown coprocessor
    unknown .....
  21. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Contact HP support by phone...
  22. mydjinny

    mydjinny TS Rookie

    Hey, Ive got myself into a real pickle

    I got the HP DV9428nr and got tired of the slow running, incompatible-with-anything Vista Home premium so I formatted that partition and installed XP professional instead. Sadly, apart from obviously losing my drivers, for which I'm now downlaoding them from the Site, I also no longer have access to my HP recovery partition.

    I figured all it required was pressing F11 at startup to access the console. Yet, after installing XP, that doesn't work. Also I can aceess that partition but it only has an empty folder i.e. Recovery and 6GB filled and yet there is nothing in it. So I've lost my Litescribesoftware, all my drivers and Hp support stuff, not to mention my ability to return to Vista if I wanted to

    Any help?
  23. mydjinny

    mydjinny TS Rookie

    I'm now downloading the drivers to my PC and the one that I can find nowhere is that to the sound card.

    Any help - Drivers wise, I mean?
  24. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Search for Realtek sound drivers and try one of those
  25. mydjinny

    mydjinny TS Rookie

    Thanks man. i found a couple of drivers and caused my soundcard to auto install one. But its wierd, I realised my thing was Altec lansing and I went out looking. Its amazing, its almost impossible to find an XP driver for it anywhere. Finally after the sound issue was solved, it claimed to be Conexant high definition audio...How is that the case?
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