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Feb 20, 2016
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  1. I'm trying to use a router to create a wireless connection in my home. The linksys router has instructions to use a web-based utility. The instructions for using the web-based utility say to type in an ip-address: and press enter. When I do that I get the message "This page can't be displayed."

    Is this because the router is too old? This router is not new, but I don't know how old it is. It's a Linksys WRT300N router.

    If I can't get this web-based utility to work, will that prevent me from hooking up the router? My PC already has a wired connection.

    Sorry if I seem inexperienced, but I don't do this very often.

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    I think the problem is fixed. Since I could not connect with the web-based application then I just connected the wires without any settings and the wifi is working.
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    I'm not an expert in this area although I have set up a wireless router for my home use. It sounds to me that you might have set up an unsecured wifi connection because unless you have named your network and set a password anyone else within broadcast range can use the signal from your router.

    Before you can access your router's web based utility (in order to set a network name and password) you will have use a PC connected to the router by wire and temporarily set a static IP. Once you set the static IP you should be able to access the utility through your browser. Once you set up your wireless network you can go back and re-enable a dynamic IP. Now, using a PC with a wireless adapter and using software supplied by your wireless adapter you should be able to identify and select your network name, enter the password you established and then be connected.

    You will have to set the static IP in the Control Panel. Check the manual for your router for the exact procedure for your operating system (your version of Windows) and for the static IP address they want you to use.
  4. It maybe that your router uses or had you been in the UK the Router supplied by the largest ISP I.e. BT uses as its address, read through your paper work or look on line at the makers site for a manual have a read through.

    But mailup is correct that it is easier to set up a network via a hard wire connection, even if its a temporary one, one thing I will add hard wired is ALWAYS faster and better and more secure than wireless, if it is case of distance I'd suggest a "Power Line" connector but not sure of the best make in the USA but Hard wire to set up first.

  5. That's not the Wi Fi working its the hard wire giving a connection

    you can get a link for your routers Manual via Google

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