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By malamar
Jun 1, 2007
  1. hello everyone.i could really use some help with a problem.i tried using an "encore video capture tv card" with my new duel core system...d975xbxlkr mb and e6300 processor. i tried many many times to get this card to work. using the encore cd i was not able to install worked in my wifes 6yr old computer. finally i was told by encore that the card would not work with my duel core system.lucky for me i was able send the card back and get a refund. are there any tv/video capture cards out there that will work with duel core or how can i tell if a card will work with my system? im using windows xp pro...thank you in advance for any help you might provide...Ron...

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  2. SNGX1275

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    Any Hauppage card will likely work. I've got an old PVR-250 that was built when a lot of people still ran Windows98 and it works fine in my dual core machine in Vista or XP.

    In fact I'm sure most cards will, I've never heard of a restriction based on the number of cores.
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