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By danimal1971
Dec 29, 2005
  1. Hola!

    I am just getting to the point where my old video card in my Compaq 7110US won't play a few of the games I'd like to try, it won't support the new digital LCD monitor that I got (no DVI out, no widescreen resolution).

    So my first step will be to upgrade my video card - one of the more experienced posters recommended making sure that I select a card with DirectX9 - what is the difference between this and the other DX versions?

    Next step is for a new TV tuner - any recommendations here? I am trying to keep the price low on this, but I'll spend what I have to in order to get a quality tuner. I would like one that is HD ready, so that I can just plug in an HDTV cable box and watch HD on the widescreen monitor. Suggestions?

    I am also playing with the new Viewsonic 1912 widescreen monitor here at work, as opposed to the 20.1" Sceptre from Costco that I have from home. Has anyone compared the cheaper Viewsonic WS line with other models? I am interested in how the Sceptre stacks up to the 20.1" Viewsonic. Is there a better choice for my home needs (AutoCAD, surfing & e-mail, photos, NO gaming, and TV/DVD viewing)?

    Anyways, Thanks for the knowlegeable insight that has already been shared, and I'll be browsing the site further to learn as much about video as possible.! Thanks.
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    I have a suggestion for the TV card - I've got an ATI HDTV Wonder Elite - works great but if you plan on doing any kind of recording I hope you have a massive amount of storage. My standard HD recording before re-compression is at a rate of about 99-100 MB/min. That puts a 1 hour show at 6 gig.

    Also, pretty much any of the recently released video cards with will dx9 support (decent ones anyway - nothing like $50 cards) and have a DVI port. That stuff shouldn't be too hard to find.
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