Tv sound system question

A few years ago I saw some OLD kenwood jl-690 3 way speakers by the curb of someone’s apartment with a note that said “yes, they work.” I decided to snag them and ended up keeping them in storage up until recently. I just moved into my first house and figured with the receiver I have I can use them with my tv. But being that I would also like to conserve space, I’m thinking that maybe a sound bar would be better and considering I haven’t used the speakers for years I should just give them away.
My question is: is it worth it to use/hang on to those old outdated speakers because they will do just as good/if not better a job than a sound bar, or has technology progressed so much that it’s kind of ridiculous to hook giant 80’s era speakers to a modern tv when a sound bar can do a better job?


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Never know unless you try. In My Opinion, things these days are not not made to last, things in the 80's were. Just my 2 cents worth.


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The reason is the lower the notes, the longer the speaker cone needs to travel and the more space behind it is needs to be volumetricly larger to accommodate the air movement. Lookup "Bass Reflex" description.