TV Tuner vs. Radeon x800 Pro

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Oct 30, 2006
  1. Hey there guys,
    Just a quick question. Well first off, i'm in college and like TV, problem is, i live in a dorm and its kind of hard to make monthly payments to get a dish and then set it up and all that junk, so i was looking into a TV Tuner Video Card to watch TV on my computer which is more convenient since i spend my time on the computer a lot already and its already in the dorm, it'd be easy to install. The problem with that is, I already have a great video card that i use to play games with. So what i was wondering was, how would i go about keeping my current video card for games and graphics, but also using a TV Tuner Video Card to watch TV? Would i have to switch the monitor cable from video card-to-video card, depending on what i felt like at the time? Or is there a switch out there that does that for me? Or....well i'm running out of ideas, thanks for looking and more thanks for helping!!
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    U can get a USB or PCI TV Tuner card. Check out a list here.
  3. Adonis 27

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    o wow, i didnt even notice the USB ones haha thanks. Well now another question, do the USB TV Tuners have the same quality as the ones that go in the slots? Which USB TV Tuner do you recommend? and lastly, are the channels cable/satellite or like basic cable channels? Thanks again
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Hauppage has the best TV tuners IMO. My dad uses one and he likes it very much. His is PCI so I don't imagine there will be much difference in quality between his and a similar USB one.
  5. N3051M

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    Not really much difference between the card and the usb, apart from the USB you can get in different sizes and the ultra-small stuff..

    If you're going digital TV make sure you got a good antenna to pick up the reception.
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