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Tweeking windows for m.a.m.e. (98 and 2000) no xp

By morphious69
Aug 9, 2008
  1. O.K. it said not to capitalize in case anyone is wondering I did not cap the proper noun names of those items however I will try to use proper English here.

    I did not see anywhere else proper to put this so here it is a Windows (98/2000) question.

    There are 3 things I wish to do for this.

    *A. Change the start up and shutdown procedures, of Windows, to sort of hide the fact that it is Windows, as this seems to distract from the over all retro experience. The computer it is going on will be mounted inside of an Arcade cabinet, so I don't want the Windows start up and shutdown logos or sounds. There are plenty I have of games starting, and though no sound shutting down is fine,I would like it, if possible, to have that pop noise that the monitors in the old games used to have. :D

    ***** whew sorry that was a mouth full I will try to be more brief on the rest of this. *****

    *B. removal of any and all unnecessary applications, protocols, and what ever else I can get rid of to speed up the machine as much as possible. anything not needed for windows environment that I can remove would be nice and maybe a bit of info on how to have Windows start this way automatically. (ie. Windows starts using my custom sound and logo (hopefully covering entire screen) and loads JUST what it needs and auto-starts the custom front end I have written in VB (that last bit is important as I am going to write a basic front end in Visual Basic but it will be an EXE so hopefully it will not need a lot of windows .dll files or anything that Windows does not need already)

    this brings to the last thing needed which info on the above may already contain

    *C. custom start up of a full screen app and maybe a bit of tweaking to desktop to avoid it ruining the atmosphere of the cabinet (basically not looking like desktop but a part of the video games start up routine checks of ROMs and RAM) as windows loads up the custom app.

    ok I did not put any specs but this is because I plan on using this info across multiple machines.
    but we can start with this:
    COMPAQ Deskpro en
    CPU: PIII 933mhz
    RAM: sdram pc133 512mb
    HD: 13 gig unknown manufaturer but is an IDE, not SCSI (belive me I wish as I know SCSI would speed things up greatly)
    anything else please let me know and I will add it here
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