Twitter now lets users retweet themselves, improves blocking feature

By midian182
Jun 15, 2016
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  1. Twitter is continuing to make changes to its service as a way of improving the microblogging site’s functionality. Now, users can retweet and quote tweet their own posts, and the blocking feature has been greatly improved.

    Being able to retweet your old posts is something that has been requested for quite a while, and is now possible in the same way that you would retweet posts from any user. On the web, simply go to your profile and choose a post, hit the retweet icon and it will be sent out with the option to add a comment.

    The same feature is enabled on mobile, where you can either retweet or quote tweet old posts.

    Allowing self-retweets will let users draw attention to an old post that may have become relevant without going through the rigmarole of adding its URL to a new message. It will also be useful for giving extra exposure to those previous posts that weren’t seen by many people first time round.

    Twitter announced that it would introduce the ability to retweet yourself back in May. The same blog post also revealed that it will soon stop counting links and media towards the 140-character Tweet limit.

    Additionally, Twitter has made changes to the way its blocking feature works. It used to be the case that blocked users would still show up on your feed if they were retweeted or quoted by another follower. The blocked individual would also be able to see your posts if a follower of yours retweeted you. But now, blocking someone will ensure you’ve seen the last of them, much like Facebook’s blocking feature.

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  2. Ranger1st

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    Twitter is a failing mess since they added in this council of feminists and SJW's that dictate what is said, how it's said and who can say it.. cultural Marxism at it's best, the boys at the Frankfurt school would have peed themselves with joy over how well their concept of 'soft Communism' is working via the internet's social media.

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