By twkeenan
Jan 12, 2007
  1. I am new here and not very knowledgable about the operating system of my computer, tweeking the BIOS and getting the bugs out. I built my new system with help from a distant son. His old ASUS motherboard and processer, some of my old stuff and a new 80G sata hard drive. I don't know how to assign priority to my hard drives but have Windows XP Pro (Old Version) loaded on the Sata drive (F:). The computer seems to work well until you are on line (I live in the woods of Minnesota and can only connect on a dial-up modem with transfer rates about the same as smoke signals) and then if I open another application after some short period of time the whole system goes through a reboot. Every time I start my computer I get the "Your computer has recovered from a serious error" message and something about BCCode 12.

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