Two part problem - difficult drivers for laptop and lost serials

By cableman
Jan 16, 2013
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  1. I have an HP Probook 4525s That is running Windows 7 Pro OA. I have downloaded an OEM disc for that version so I can use the serial numbers on my COA sticker and all should be right, right? I have however run into problems before with Windows 7 not having all the drivers for laptops so I have used my second computer to go online and get the extra drivers and install. Any tips on that would be great. Any tips on how to legally upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate for a low price would be awesome too. All my programs and equipment are above board legal.
    I still need to find out what my serial numbers for Microsoft Word 2007 is , so when I re-install it I will still have full function. The system is so crazy it needs a re-install and they no longer send the discs with the computers. I have downloaded OEM copies of Windows 7 Pro and Microsoft Word but I will need my Microsoft word key. I can get my windows key off of the COA sticker as long as I use the same version originally installed which I am doing. I just want it back right then I am installing bit defender instead of Vipre that my sister talked me into because that is when my problems started. If anyone can help me please instruct me as what to do and I will be in your debt. Thank you in advance for any responses. I just need to reinstall my software with the correct serials so they work.
  2. LookinAround

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    Try ProduKey from Nirsoft to get your Windows product keys. (note: some anti-virus will give a false positive on this tool but it's 100% safe. You may need to define it as an exception for your anti-virus)

    You can also backup all your current drivers to external storage with DoubleDriver
  3. cableman

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    Thanks so much. I am afraid of getting scammed with false software and I need my real serials. If this worked right then I have them now. I haven't re-installed windows yet but when I do these will work great as long as they are the originals. Thanks again.

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