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Mar 1, 2005
  1. Being a newcomer am not sure if my questions are on the correct forum. If not please advise. And may I ask to quick questions in one post? Again if not the rule please advise.

    1 - whenever I am on this site I constantly get a pop up window for macromedia flash player. If I check yes, my PC seems to freeze and I get no further. If I check no, the window pops up every time "I turn around."

    2 - what does it mean when from two free scans online I get message that my system has a Trojan Horse and a Worm. Have run those files so designated as infected by my Panda antivirus program and they come up clean! Very confusing and I do not want to infect others if indeed I do have problems. Norton and PCillin were the free scans I used and my Panda is up to date.

    Thanks for any info from anyone and again if I am not posting correctly please advise. Also on another site where I frequently posted was rather put down by a moderator because I did not give complete information about my PC system whenever I posted. Do you want this info everytime I post here?

    Such as:
    Am running XP SP1
    Processor GenuineIntel 2.53 Gigahertz
    Physical Memory - 512.00 MB
    Available Physical Memory - 313.36 MB
    Graphics card - Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440
    Sound Card - SB AUDigy Audio
    IE Browser
    DX 9.0 showing no problems
    File System - Fat32
    Monitor Mode - 800x600 pixels, 32 bit highest
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    It shouldn't be too difficult to read the forum titles and their descriptions.

    "The Meeting 'spot' - Where TS readers meet to discuss general topics."

    Are Flash plugin problems 'general topics' ?

    No. They belong to "Misc. Software & Utilities".

    Are virus problems 'general topics' ?

    No. They belong to "Windows OS" or "Misc. Software & Utilities".

    The questions are just as quick as the reader can read.

    There's no strict rule about how many questions are allowed in one post, but in order to keep the thread clean, one is recommended.

    The question (or content) should be reflected in the title, too. "two quick questions" is not descriptive. You should edit it.

    Try downloading Flash plugin/player directly from Macromedia's site.

    Put it into your profile.
  3. nondaj

    nondaj TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    2 quick questions

    Thank you for your directions and will keep them in mind for future posts. And thanks for the info and sites you gave me.
  4. Nodsu

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    Not all malware is detected by virus scanners and no single scanner detects them all.

    You should try running some anti-spyware application.
    Also, the free scanners should tell you what files are infected. Just take their word for it - boot into safe mode and delete the infected files.
  5. MellyJC

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    When I got stung by some adware stuff, my McAfee scanner would find a trojan and delete it. It would immediately reinstall itself so McAfee alerted me of cleaning the file every 5 seconds or so. It alone was not enough to get rid of the trojan.

    It depends on how bad the trojan is...I had I think 5 antispyware programs trying to get rid of it all, but ultimately my problems weren't solved until I used Hijack This (you'll probably read about this program a lot on this forum). I don't remember at what level I finally got rid of the trojans though, since everything was propagating everything else.
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