Two separate networks off of one cable modem.

By mdmac
Feb 11, 2007
  1. I have a 2wire SBC wireless cable modem that I'd like to serve as my private wired network. What I want to do is use that internet connection to power a completely separate wireless public network (that uses a Belkin Pre-N Wireless Router)

    The setup:
    I have the DSL line connected to the WAN port on the SBC modem/router. I then connected a CAT5 from a numbered port on the SBC modem to the WAN/numbered port (I've tried both configurations) on the Belkin Pre-N router.

    I've tried to make the Belkin router an access point, but was then told that the particular method was only used when expanding a single network. Would I have to configure router one and router two in a specific way to get this up and running?

    Well, when a computer is hardwired to the Belkin router the internet works flawlessly. The wireless network (configured on the belkin router) shows up whenever it feels like and when it does, nothing can connect to it. I have also turned wireless capability on the SBC router on and off. I KNOW I'm doing some wrong here but am completely oblivious as to what additional steps need to be taken. ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Routers operate by separating one network from another, and sorting traffic between what belongs in the internal and external networks. That said, it follows that the Belkin router, in order to route traffic properly must have an external address in the same network as the cable modem's internal, private network. It also must create an internal network, and if you want devices on this network to be able to connect to the public internet, it must provide a route to the cable modem's internal address, which will be the eventual gateway.

    Check the Belkin router's WAN IP against the IP addresses already in use on the cable modem's internal network, especially its own internal (or network) address. This is the type of behavior you would expect from an address conflict.

    EDIT: turn off your cable modem, and all other connected devices. Turn on the Belkin router, and hook that PC directly to it. Turn on the PC & configure the router. Then turn on the cable modem. Allow all to sync. Turn on devices one at a time until you lose the wireless. then you know the conflicting device.
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    so you have/want is
    modem /router -----> your private subnet
              + --- Belkin wireless ---> some open public net
    and I assume PRIVATE means no sharing between the public/private in either direction.

    As i remember, the Belkin has a default address of -- leave it.

    On the SBC, change the subnet mask to

    wire a system to each subnet and
    all systems should be able to ping

    getting your Belkin Wireless configured properly is a separate issue.
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