Two text message spammers fined $700,000 in the UK

Shawn Knight

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It seems that no matter what medium people use for communication, spammers always find a way to make it a little less attractive. Junk mail, telemarketers, email spam and now even SMS spam have all likely been experienced by most...

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I've had my fair share of those SMS messages: "We've learned you're entitled to around £3452 in compensation through your recent accident..." yet I've had no such accidents.

Nice to hear some justice has been done.


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Then it should have been titled as much with the converted amount in parenthesis.
The article they got it from (the article if you click the word "justice") states it in dollars guessing they just copied from there. The source that article got it from did use £ though so just lost in article translation or something. The £ amount should have been put in there though.


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How about website ads spammers?

in the past, I noticed some websites will not load until some ads load first.
until adblock came along :)
How come these people are even allowed to go into business? Isn't there any agency assigned to regulate businesses like theirs??? I've been receiving a lot of these spam text messages and I reported all of them to Callercenter in the hopes that this inconvenience will be relayed to the proper authorities.


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In the US we have the FCC. They regulate all cellphone businesses. If you have called your carrier provider and you still receive these types of texts, you can escalate to the FCC and report them. I'm sure there is a regulatory agency in pretty much every country that has a cellphone tower. So if you can't stand those types of text, report these ppl.


I hope such effort (spammers fined in big sum of money) could be done in my country also..