Ubisoft defends $70 price for Skull and Bones, citing its "AAAA" status

Quadruple "A"? LMFAO. He forgot the "S" for "special". Because this game is AAAASSSSSSSSSSSS.

Boring, uninspired live service trash. Ubisoft fired and missed, badly!

If a game cant hook you with a full hour of gameplay, and needs multiple hours just for tutorials, then it's not a good game. Games should not be jobs.

And frankly, if you need multiple hours to decide if you like a game, that says more about you then it does the game.
I will never understand the mantra of "it gets good 20 hours in". Entertainment is to entertain. If I have to put dozens of hours in before something becomes entertainment, that is plain delusional. It's a part time job by that point, one you have to PAY for!
Sounds like a you problem. Some games are more complex than others and have a slow burn. It doesnt mean its not a good game. Thats not a reflection of the game, its a reflection on your preference.

And this is not in defense of skull n bones.
Idk if your talking about current or previous game design. It has been my experience that they haven't changed the mechanics much, but they'll way they're introduced.

And I f***inf love scanning in worm hole space. I have a hacky cloaker scanner designed to salvage in nullsec. The biggest adrenaline rush I've had in any game is making 30 jumps home through enemy space with 100x what net worth is.
There used to be some art to scanning in W-space, but I can scan anything down without even trying anymore. My Loki scanner with level 5 skills and implants still had to work for some signatures, but I can just park 5 probes on something and scan it down in 1-2 scans.

That thrill of being way off your home hole and poking around someone's active home while not ever coming close to getting caught was the fun. I would map out holes using nothing but D-scan and short single scans with probes launched way off from safe points to warp in for a single scan then warp them out, to keep them from detecting me. The cat and mouse was the fun of it.

Add to that the new facilties that constantly broadcast their location in W-space as well as them requiring almost zero real effort to upkeep and people can just bogart a hole forever since it requires you to bring in an inordinate amount of firepower to bash. In any holes you can't bring many caps into rapidly, it become an almost impossible chore to extricate small corps from holes.

The last time I played, I was finding online structures in every hole and most belonged to corps of 2-3 people (likely one person and alts). Everything just seemed like a cake walk compared to the last time I played and W-space just didn't seem like the party it used to be back when A-harm was running around. I didn't feel like going back out to Null for a fight, so I haven't logged in for a few years now. My scanner is my youngest account and it has in excess of 70M SP at last login.