Ubuntu 12.04 to replace traditional menus with new HUD

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Jan 26, 2012
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  1. So basically we're taking a UI geared towards casual use, but replacing traditional UI features with a glorified "run" program of which only power users will see a benefit and which-- despite what they say-- seems to provide no way for a new user to even discover what is available.

    It's slow without a GPU, but the goal is to have it run on small devices.

    It is supposed to be a simple, "unifying" interface, yet it forces you to use the mouse for some simple tasks and the keyboard for others.

    Has anyone ever heard of that play "The Producers"?
  2. Welcome to the New World Order!
  3. "apropos" command my friend
  4. Definably switching to Linux Mint when I can't (as in wont get the job done) use lucid (Ubuntu 10.04) anymore
  5. That release is still supported - until April next year.
  6. Nobody is SELLING nothing here. We are talking about ubuntu if you remember.
  7. So somebody must be selling something here...?
  8. I actually find this very useful. All of the negative comments just seem like old ways of thinking. All Ubuntu has to do is post a few videos with examples and that will nip almost of the learning curve in the behind. I think this is a great evolution in the way of navigating applications. Good job Ubuntu
  9. It's not replacing the drop down menu. The menu is still there if you use your mouse on the top left. People needs to chill and the author needs to actually try it out before commenting on it. The HUD basically allows you to search within the menu system. Just make a boot disk and give it a try before freaking out.
  10. Zilpha

    Zilpha TS Enthusiast Posts: 319

    And you need to read the article before commenting.
  11. Sounds to me like a disaster, worse than the Unity move, but hey, someone said "give them a chance", which I will. I'll give them a chance to get it right, I hope they don't mind that I'll move/stay with Mint in the mean time
  12. God no, now will take my 5 steps to simply open a program
  13. It's really faster to do things using this kind of interface, except in case the user is very slow at typing. This user will prefer the old GNOME2 GUI, but as someone said: if you don't like, simply don't use it, damnit! Some people got the habit of criticising any innovation of Ubuntu because it's now a cool attitude within Linux computing. Sad...
  14. I admire them for their courage to do something different and there are things in this I really like but as a future primary vision of access to a desktop, no way.

    The idea of having a couple of things on screen to begin with invites you to play and learn and keep you curious. A desktop with just a typing box means 90% of the OS wont be discovered and as much as it's pinned as something to suit the user, I think the user will more so have to suit it.

    To take an example from the video, if I wanted to send a mail to someone in Evolution (which I have no interest in using generally, like most people), my first thought would be "Create.." or "Send..", not "Compose..". I'm not Tchaikovsky. It's a single example, but probably something applicable throughout the rest of the OS.

    This system will be fine for seriously experienced and patient users, but hopeless to newcomers. Hence I hope a full desktop will be available along with this new feature.
  15. I would love to be a fly on the wall at these summits. Who exactly thought this was the best direction for Ubuntu. I am dissapointed with 12.04, not only does the HUD look atrocious, but I dont think its practical for new or older user. IMHO, it was a giant waste of time and effort that could been better spent on stablity, which I thought was the main theme of LTS.
  16. You obviously know next to 0 about FLOSS development.

    Please define how "time and effort" can be diverted from a new UI and instead "spent on stability"? Is this based on the assumption on your part that 'buntu is entirely developed by a single team of people? Some of which are pulled from other "projects" and moved to another to the detriment of those others? canonical ltd develop unity, the hud, software center and a few other bits and pieces, they don't develop the rest of the software (90% plus of the distro) - they simply /package/ it...
  17. Was a moderately familiar user of 10.04 LTS (meaning, I could use Synaptic, compile code, but not write programs myself). Tried 1.04. Horrid. If I don't know what something is already, where the heck is it, and how do I get to it? Why can't I fallo back to an ordinary menu, if I wish? (I tried various strategems; the new interface can be slightly customized, but generally it's take it or leave it). I cannot think of anything the new interface does for me.

    Remember the Star Trek movie in which they go back in time to San Francisco, and are confronted with an our-generation computer that has a mouse? At first Kirk tries voice commands. Doesn't work. Then he thinks the mouse is a microphone for issuing voice commands. Doesn't work. It's like that, but in reverse.
  18. I really would like to use Linux (Ubuntu) and have finally found a replacement for Quicken, MoneyDance. Was still trying to find a replacement for Paperport. Just installed Ubuntu 12.4 and this was the final straw for all the effort I have put into attempting to convert. The complete omission of drop down menus with no option to revert is more like what you would expect from the dictators Microsoft and Apple. Time to remove the dual boot and dedicate the entire hard drive to Win Xp.

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