Ubuntu 6.06 Lts on a g3 imac

By onesmartidiot
Dec 26, 2006
  1. okay, ive used windows my whole life, and last week i ws handed down one of the big crt imacs with the slot loading cd tray.

    i canot figure anything on it out, like i cant get the internet to work with the osx

    so i figured id try and put ubuntu on it (seems easier than osx)
    on my other pc's i can toss the disc in, turn it on, and it will boot from the cd

    on this mac it wont boot from the cd and there is no "hit f2 to enter setup" so i can change the boot order. i didnt get any books with this thing, only a osx9 reinstall disc, and my ubuntu disc is the mac one straight from ubuntu.
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    To boot it off the disk, turn comp on, insert disk, hold down C on keyboard until it begins loading.

    Post back (or create a new thread) with your thoughts/questions on it. I have a G3 450 Blue&White tower I'm running Ubuntu 6.10 on and I'm a long time Windows user myself. I've got Ubuntu 6.10 running on a much more powerful Athlon 64 system as well, but I'm wanting to use it on the G3 just because I'm not ready to let that system die yet.

    I did try kubuntu 6.10 on it, and didn't like it, had some problems figuring some things out and translating, from ubuntu, in my head what to do for things.

    Is that an ATi graphics card in that thing? I need to find out where I get better drivers for the ATi Rage Pro card in mine, all I can seem to find are the fire drivers, and I don't think those are what I need.
  3. onesmartidiot

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    wow, i got it to load the disc! haha

    now it starts to install and then hangs on a brown screen after it loads all the drivers and stuff.

    i have 6.06 lts from a pressed cd, i could downoad 6.10 in about 12 minutes, but i want to keep it simple with this thing with as few errors from me as possible. i had ubuntu on my a64 as well, till it smoked and caught fire lol. thats why i'm trying to get this mac to work.

    mine has ati rage 8mb lol (a little smaler than my ati256 in my a64 box)

    and its built in, but it looks like i could toss a radeon or somthing into the back where an airport card would go
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