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Sep 15, 2004
  1. Again my best wishes, I reformatted my hardware last week. Only to meet a number of annoying problems. Here's my latest:

    I can't seem to install (the) UDF Reader to my system. Everytime I install it (one by Roxio or Nero, all not at once obviously), I'm prompt to restart, which I do. During the booting up process, the computer hangs immediately after the Windows loading screen (in other words, I'm stuck on a black screen). I can't even log onto Safe Mode. The only remedy I have is to restart from my last known good configurations. Needless to say, I uninstall the reader and like magic, I no longer suffer from hang ups, but I still can't read my burnt DVD's (which contain ALL of my files). So this is a very big problem.

    Here are my system specs:

    1.6 GIG CPU, 1 GIG Ram, 2 CD-Roms (1 DVD-RW, 1 CD-RW), HDD(1 at 80 and the other at 40), and Windows XP: Pro (SP2).

    What's troubling is that I can't seem to find an exact reference to my current problem. It's mind-boogling. Do I perhaps have a corrupt .DLL file?
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    Hi, first question - have you put your data onto CDR or DVDR? If it's CDR then don't install Roxio or Nero. Windows XP has a build in UDF reader and doesn't need either program. Once you can read your CD's put all of the data onto the 40GB hard disk, take it out of your sysytem so it's safe and then try this:

    Put only one of the programs on, say, Roxio, try the PC (still with your data sitting on the 40GB drive safely tucked in a drawer) and see if the PC works correctly. If it does, then stop fiddling and start enjoying, if it doesn't, restore as you have before, put Nero on and try again. Once you've done that and it works you can put your 40GB drive back in and start to have some fun. Adrian.
  3. Ragnarok-dot-WS

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    I saved my data on a DVD+RW.

    Currently the only program that's install is Nero. I removed Roxio's program because I thought perhaps the two programs might conflicting one another. So it's not working with Nero. I'll try removing Nero and use Roxio's product alone, but I'm not too optimistic (I've grown to expect the worse since I started struggling against my computer).

    Any other suggestions are more than welcome!
  4. Ragnarok-dot-WS

    Ragnarok-dot-WS TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Interesting. Thank you for your suggestion. You actually got me thinking. The conflict of the problem was a program called InCD by Nero. I decided to start removing Nero products and something told me to remove that particular program. So I did and it seems that's the program that was preventing the installation of the UDF Reader. I'm going to restart a few more times to make sure. Thanks again, mate.
  5. AdrianScotter

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    Sometimes it just needs another pair of eyes to have a look. Glad it helped. Adrian.
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