ugh i have the worst luck

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ok im about to cry...

today i got an icky i did my virus scan. all good..then go to the blue screen where is says "windows is starting up" and nothing just sits there...i tried starting in safe mode..does the same thing....

so i whacked in an xp disc to do a repair..i click repair...and left it to do its thing....i come back...and its asking me to enter my cd oll admit, i dont have one, i used a hacked copy of xp..but i have tried 10000 cd keys..none work.. i even went and borrowed the neighbours legit copy and the key from that doesnt work ok thats fine..but now, everytime i just launches straight into the setup again!! please help! i dont want to loose my stuff and i need to get back on!!


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This is what happens when you use pirated software.

I suggest your take the hdd out of your computer, and hook it up as a slave drive on another system.

Back up all your important data, then format the drive.

Put it back into your machine as master, and buy a legit copy of Windows, and reinstall.

Regards Howard :)


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You're problem is all the different SKUs of XP products out there.

Home, Pro, Retail, OEM, VLM and 64-bit all have their own seed for product keys... Meaning they keys will not work with other products.

Most of the "real" copies you're going to find will be OEM or retail.


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done :) i went out and bought a nice shiny copy of xp pro, now im gonna hook up my hd to this comp and save everyhting then go for the full reinstall:D ty for your help guys, and i certainly wont be stiffing out and using dodgy software anymore.


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Well done!
Don't reinstall, install from scratch on a newly formatted harddisk instead!
Make sure you have your personal files backed up on another HD/CD/DVD.
Before you start, go to the mobo-manufacturer's website and get all the latest mobo-drivers. Same for audio/video/printers and what have you.
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