Unable to switch Between Profiles in Outlook 2003

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Oct 21, 2009
  1. Unique problem. Unable to swap profiles in Outlook 2003. There are six profiles but once outlook is run it just logs into the top choice. I have it setup to allow me the choice to pick one when I log in but its not working. Now the crazy thing, when you log into safe mode it comes up and asks everytime. If I try to close outlook it will just load the same profile back up when I run outlook again.

    Any ideas how to make it so it will always ask which profile to run?
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    The link is not for Microsoft Office Online Registration. I don't understand why you had to come back with a rude response.

    Did you bother to read what it said about Multiple Profiles?
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    Outlook 2003 has issues with larger profiles also? That needs to be taken into account. You can have more than one profile going. I have 4 right now from Office Outlook migrated to Office 2007. You can assign with password for each profile which you should. When that system loads the profile can be setup for that user only. If you run a system where everyone logs on with the same login they he or she can be setup to login using a password assigned to their profile. I don't know how your setting up the accounts to be access?
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