"unaccessible boot device",pls help.

By henryzhg
Nov 3, 2004
  1. My computer is AMD 1600+,512M DDR333 with IBM 15g(5200rpm) system win2000 nonsp1 at IDE0 secondary , an cdrom at IDE0 master.(oldold,so oddodd).Somedays ago,I took my hds a Seagate 80g(7200rpm,data)& a WD 80g(7200rpm,system is winxp pro nonsp1 & data) to upgrade the old computer to get some useful data.But as connected to IDE1 , boot was halted in blue screen with the message "unaccessible boot device".Is the IDE chain changed?NO.Are the systems corrupted?I don't think so,the mainboard suports multi system boot,I had used the function when IBM 15g(win2000,IDE0 secondary) and WD 80g(winxp,IDE1 master) were combined in the computer, it works well. :confused: SO,WHAT HAPPENED ,PLEASE HELP ME.THANKS A LOT!
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    as more

    as more,I changed the IDE chain , IBM- IDE0 master/WD - IDE0 secondary/no cdrom and so on,but no use.When the IBM is unconnected, the winxp can boot as usual;with the IBM, not only win2000 boot is halt but winxp halt also.
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