Uncontrollable scrolling?

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Jul 16, 2006
  1. I'm not sure if this forum is the best place for this post, but nothing else seemed relevant either. My computer is kind of old, so when I try to move a window, it moves to the right as far as possible and skips through all of my music or whatever I'm playing at the time. And sometimes, the scroll bar goes crazy up and down and I have to mash the keyboard to get it to chill. I don't know what makes it go up and down on its own or what keys I press to get it to stop, but it's a rare occurance. My windows moving themselves to the right whenever I try to move them myself happens every time I do it. Anything with a scroll bar, including AIM profiles, the cursor scrolls through the content, but only if it has a scroll bar. I can't highlight anything to copy/paste, either.
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    Think it's not that your pc,s old but more likely that you have a virus infection. if not then your graphics dos,nt have enough memory to run the resolution you are using.
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    I highly doubt he has a virus. Stuff like this can happen on old pcs, its more likely its a video driver issue or some other conflict.

    Run all the necessary BS to make sure you are clear of a virus or some other malware. Trendmicro.com has some good tools for that.

    When that inevitably doesn't fix your problem, upgrade your video card drivers. Then maybe your sound card drivers if it still doesn't work. Of course you may just have too slow of a computer or too fragmented disk, so if it worked before defragment and reboot (you did reboot before you submitted this as a problem right?).
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    Uncontrollable cursor -This one is easy

    One of our laptops is a Dell Latitude, the only of several computers with which we have had this problem.

    We have asked all sorts of techs, in-house and elsewhere, about this. When we carried the PC to two separate computer repair shops, they couldn't get the problem to occur - although it was then happening every few days at our work site.

    We have a system to solve any problem (who, what, where and when) and I used this to solve the problem. We have a radio station and a large ham operation a couple miles east of us and (although we're not either that was the cause) but used that as one of the "where" inputs.

    I simply picked up the laptop and turned it southward when this happened. The cursor stopped jumping. When it reoccurred, we picked it up and turned it northward. Either direction stopped the cursor from jumping around.

    THE PROBLEM IS ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCE from the direction the laptop is pointing. That could be the building's wiring, but - in any event this happens - turning the laptop temporarily to another direction corrects the problem.

    The problem occurs only occasionally, so when turning your laptop back to its original postion you'll find it works until the electrical configuration happens again.

    If you try to find this solution online, you'll find competent techs telling you that it's probably a virus or that you will need to reload your windows or mac system. You don't. Just turn the system to another direction.

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    I read "electrical interference" looked down and my mouse cord was wrapped around my keyboard cord like a candy cane. I unwrapped them and everything appears to be back to normal. except still jumps a bit here and there. I must look for more ee.

    Thank you very much.
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