Uninstall lockup from power failure

By Chuck Etheridge
Feb 3, 2008
  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to the site so please bear with me; this looked like it might be a good place to go. A couple of days ago I was trying to install a new software package for a Pinnacle Digital Cable Tuner - the PCTV HD PCI card -
    that happens to still be in its beta phase. I downloaded the new package and clicked for it to install, which was supposed to automatically uninstall the previous version. Just after the uninstall started there was a brief power failure which made the computer shut down in spite of the APC UPS - and I am going to write them about this. After the restart I attempted to get back to the uninstall and got this Error Message; 5005:0x80070002 with the suggestion to get in touch with Pinnacle. Unfortunately they are not particularly swift at replying to inquiries. I am
    still in the locked out situation. Fortunately the uninstall had not gotten so fat that the Tuner no longer works, but I can't get beyond the error message even with a new download. Browser is IE7 and OS is Vista Ultimate, which by the way, I very much like. I would certainly appreciate any offered help in getting beyond this point of being stuck. I've tried uninstalling from the start menu, Programs and Features, and the Device manager. All give the same error message and I have not found it referenced in either Pinnacle's FAQs or in a M/S list fo codes. Help Please!
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