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Nov 17, 2008
  1. mflynn

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    I agree with Tmagic650 and have done close to 40 SP3 installs.

    You are better off with SP3.

    Issues like you speak of occur when SP3 is installed on a dirty system with Malware and/or bad system misconfiguration.

    Only as a last resort install SP3 on a system with issues.

    System needs to be cleaned of Malware first, Temps and a gentle registry clean like with CCleaner before installing SP3.

  2. Tmagic650

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    Nice post Mike...
    yes, even mild spyware can mess up the XP SP3 installs. Incomplete Windows Updates, can affect SP3. I bet spkenny tells his customer's and friends not to install Vista's SP1 too
  3. mflynn

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    :D Yeah and SP1 is actually more important for Vista than SP3 is to XP SP2.

  4. kimsland

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    If you purchase a new system, that comes with Xp (many manufacturers are still having Xp as an option on some new computers) it comes with Xp SP3

    Oh and if you purchase the new Xp CD, guess what? it's SP3 too.

    So it can't be counted as bad for you anymore :)
  5. craZy18gurl

    craZy18gurl TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 51

    Update? I'm confused, what update?

    That two still don't seem to be running. When I try to run SAS it gives an error report. Nothing shows up when I try MBAM.

    Also when I was running CCleaner, it said a certain file was corrupted and I should run chkdsk. I'm having trouble running the chkdsk utility. When I try by right clicking the drive, properties > tools > error checking, I select the two options and then click start but it says Windows could not start the error checking. I tried multiple times, unselecting the two options, still the same.

    So I tried it through cmd, I type chkdsk/f/r c:, it says 'Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)', I type Y, restart the computer, and try it again but still the same message. Tried it a few times. I haven't really used chkdsk much before so I may not be doing it right.

    One other things I noticed. I ran WinDirStat on the C drive and found something strange.


    Well first of all it says my C drive is 678.9 GB when it's really 24 GB. The Windows and Program Files folder's size are way off as well.

    Secondly, all those gray parts, majority of all found in the Windows\assembly folder. Is this normal? I've never come across this before and they all have weird extensions. There are also a couple in my Microsoft Office folder under Program Files.

    I recently bought a cd for Microsoft Office 2007 and for some reason during installation the blue screen showed up again. After restarting the computer, it simply wouldnt install mentioning some kind of error. In fact the current version of Office I had had vanished. At first I thought the CD was bugged but we ran it on my dads computer, it installed just fine.

    I tried installing an old version of Office, it installed but then I noticed that some of those weird files (the gray parts in WinDirStat) were also in the Office folder. So I uninstalled Office, but a few folders containing those weird files aren't getting deleted.

    Dang I seem to keep to facing problems after problems o.o I'm thinking I may have to give my windows a fresh reinstall, but I'll keep that as a last resort.

    Here in Pakistan, all new systems will come with SP2. SP3 CDs are hardly available here and if they are, it'd be bugged. If one of em is bugged, they're all bugged.
  6. kimsland

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    I don't want to take over this thread
    But I'll just add

    You can run Check Disk from the Windows Xp boot CD

    Boot from the Windows CD
    Press R when prompted
    Log into the Administrator account (usually no password)
    By the way, this 1 then press enter (pressing "1" first)

    Then on the command line type:

    chkdsk c: /f

    Then enter

    Done :)
  7. mflynn

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    Ok craZy18gurl

    That was good info about Disk errors.

    Until this point until you informed us of this type error we just fighting Malware.

    What I meant about Updating was that everytime you try to run MBAM or SAS that you at least try to update.

    First because everyone should as sometimes updates come within hours and you want all the help you can get. And 2nd because you/we will know when we have made progress if it was not working and begins to work/update.

    Now either you have a HD going bad or the Malware may have caused this.

    So as Kim said in the Run box type or paste the below
    chkdsk c: /r
    It will want to reboot to complete this and while doing it could take an hour or more.

    After the above completes and you are back to the Desktop do the Fixit operation again from post #17. It appears you were going to do this rt before the repair install.

    So get the Attachment and run the fixit.cmd.

    Then try updating and running MBAM and SAS.

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