Unknown Processes in Task Manager

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Dec 5, 2007
  1. Hello-
    I have been noticing my cpu slowing down in the last few weeks. So I have been looking at my Task Manager to try to locate any processes that are unknown to me. Lots are, but that is expected. Still, some don't make any sense and I'm suspicious. Please, can anyone tell me if these are normal processes, signs of a hacker, or completely useless:

    svchost.exe - in about 7 places (I'm most suspicious of this one)

    some of those say LOCAL SERVICE next to them. Pretty sure that has something to do with my internet provider, thus making some of them probably impossible to get rid of. But why so many of the svchost ones? I'm concerned my cpu is in trouble and my security doesnt know it. Help me figure it out or lay it to rest as nothing! please...
  2. Rik

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    When you say your cpu has been slowing down are you referring to your processor or your pc in general? Any other symptoms?
  3. Jase123

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    alg.exe - It is a core process for Microsoft Windows Internet Connection sharing and Internet connection firewall.

    svchost.exe - svchost.exe is a system process belonging to the Microsoft Windows Operating System which handles processes executed from DLLs.
    It should be in teh system32 folder other places and it could be a virus.

    - Ccsvchst.exe is the executable file that belongs to Symantec Service Framework from Symantec Corporation and is added to your system when you install Norton products such as Symantec Security Technologies and Symantec Event Manager. The file originally resides in a subfolder within the C:\Program Files\Common Files folder.

    ApntEx.exe - apntex.exe is device software for Alps Electric hardware. This touchpad driver is software for Windows NT/2000/XP and should not be removed or stopped unless hardware problems occur.

    spoolsv.exe - spoolsv.exe is a Microsoft Windows system executable which handles the printing process. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

    - smss.exe is a process which is a part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is called the Session Manager Subsystem and is responsible for handling sessions on your system.
    nvsvc32.exe -

    symlcsvc.exe - symlcsvc.exe is an application which belongs to Norton's Internet Security Suite, and provides additional security features.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards Jason :)
  4. Blind Dragon

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    if you don't have norton as your antivirus you may want to go Here
    to remove the leftovers, that might speed you up a bit
  5. jobeard

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    NICELY DONE Jase123 :)
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