Unlocking A SSD/HDD From A Dell Externally With hdparm

Hardware: Dell Mini 10V
BIOS: A06 (Phoenix)

I'd be grateful if anyone out there has experience in unlocking a SSD/HDD from a Dell externally with hdparm.

Currently I'm trying to unlock a SSD with hdparm that has its HDD password originally set through the Dell BIOS.

The user HDD password I created through the Dell's BIOS for this SSD is: 01234567

Everything unlocks ok through the BIOS, however once the SSD is removed to an external machine, hdparm fails to unlock the drive with either ascii or hex password entry.

I'd like to know how (or if) I can unlock this SSD externally encase of Dell hardware failure. Additionally I'd also like to change the master password to something different from what the Dell BIOS created as an extra security measure.

So far, almost all of the readings I can find online are people who have forgotten their HDD passwords and need help, which this is not the case. I know Lenovo has a BIOS security algorithm on their ThinkPads that obfuscates the actual HDD password from the user, so I'm wondering if Dell's BIOS is doing something similar. I'm surprised I can't find any information on this type of question considering Dell's sizable user base.

Thanks for reading this, and for any help that can be provided.
I found a solution at the Dell Community forums... should this help anyone out in a similar situation with a Dell laptop:

1) Set The HDD Password From The BIOS
2) Boot Into Linux (if Installed -or- boot to an external Live Linux CD/USB distro)
3) Put The Laptop To Sleep (about ~10seconds)
This Will Un-Freeze The HDD While Its Currently Unlocked
4) With hdparm:
sudo hdparm --user-master m --security-mode h --security-set-pass PWD /dev/sda
--user-master m Specifies which password (user/master) to select
--security-mode h Specifies which security mode (high/maximum) to set
--security-set-pass Lock the drive, using password PWD (Set Password)
Note "PWD" in the above command example is whatever password you choose.

This will achieve two objectives:
1) Changes the backdoor HDD master password created by the Dell BIOS
2) In the event of laptop hardware failure the SSD/HDD can be removed and unlocked with hdparm using this new master HDD password on an external system.

All credit to jjmoore27 at the Dell Community forums for this solution.