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Feb 8, 2002
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  1. Okay I know we are all getting used to this new software, which is going to be great I must say, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to unsubscribe to a thread after you have posted to one. In other words, I forgot to uncheck the email notificaiton button and I got an email when someone replied to a thread I posted in. I was wondering if you get an email everytime someone replies to that thread, or just once(now that I am thinking about it a little more). Oh well, just a randome post in the end I guess.
  2. poertner_1274

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    Okay I just got another email, so I guess you get an email if ANYONE replies to it. So my question continues, is there anyway to unsubscribe to the thread. I have looked around the site, but didn't find anything. I am probably just blind.......
  3. Snowy Commando

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    Email notify can be set to 'No' in your profile settings to disable it as its usually enabled by default.
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    unsubcribe me

    Unsubcribe Me From This Site

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