Unusual connection problems with my wireless router

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Aug 2, 2012
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  1. It started about a week ago. I have a Cisco/linksys e1000 wireless router. I must say it has been the best one I've ever owned, until recently... Over the last week It has started disappearing. I will suddenly lose connection for about 2-5 minutes until my network pops up again in wireless network connections. This isn't just my PC. Both laptops, kindle, and my smart phone all lose connection at the same time and have the same problem leading me to believe it is the router. We have a mac that is connected via lan cable and it does not lose its connection to the internet when the wireless signal is dropped.

    When ever this happens, it's been about 20 times now, I goto check the lights on the router and everything seems to be normal. IT says wifi is on and that it's connected to the internet. This will happen about every hour until I go unplug my router(ie, powercable) and plug it back it. I will be free from this problem for about 24 hours and then it will start up again. It's getting really annoying, please help me.

    Like I said before, it's like the wireless isn't even turned on, it completely disappears from the available wireless connections. Even when it comes back, usually about 5 minutes, it takes another few minutes to connect to the internet. My experience with this router is that as soon as I see it I am connected to internet.

    btw, I lost my connection in the middle of writing this....
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    Set the router MTU to 1492 to stop packet fragmentation and reassembly
    on my netgear, it is found on the WAN side configuration.

    When the wired systems retain connection and yet the wifi drop periodically, we suspect
    interference from external sources. Google for inSSIDer and run as admin. This tool
    will show you ALL station (visible) SSIDs, the channel they are on, the band (2.4 vs 5.0 GZ)
    and the encryption (if any).

    Find your SSID and move to a channel which does not conflict with any others seen.
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    I change the MTU to 1492, it was set at 1500. The problem seems to have gone away, but I wont know for sure until tomorrow. It seemed to happen often enough that it would have happened a few times by now. In the mean time, thank you very much.

    I looked to see if anyone in my area was on the same channel and they're not. Thanks for all your help
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    Post deleted by Bobbye
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    Thread was created by yRaz and until he/she reports that issue solved, we should not hijack this thread.
    Suggest you copy/paste into a new thread for yourself :)
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    My apology.
    It was not my intention to hijack the thread- only to leave information that might be useful to the OP.

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