Unusually high halo pings

By DevilBeGood
Jan 9, 2005
  1. ok i recently re-installed halo for my PC after i reformatted my computer and added a new operating system... windows XP pro. after installing halo and getting everything ready to go i went in for my first multiplayer game... about 15 minutes in i started to lag upwards of 1200 then i did that for about 1-2 minutes before the game crashed... i simply thought it was the servers fault so i went into another... it only took 2 minutes for me to lag again... and each time i went into a new server it took less and less time for me to lag. I put it off thinking maybe it was Comcasts fault and that i would try again tomarrow... for 4 days its been doing this. and it works perfectly before i begin to lag. i have called comcast and they said everything is working in perfect order... lying ********... i have resetted my modem about a million times and still no luck... if anyone has any suggestions at all i would greatl appreciate it
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