Unwanted system userid

By rdaves01
Mar 6, 2005
  1. I have a fake userid on my computer that I need to know how to get rid of.
    In the March issue of PCWorld magazine, there was an article by Lincoln Spector titled “Widnows Rejuvinated”. In this article, Mr. Spector explains how to match users to data.
    I tried to follow his instructions, but had problems. He advised that when you are reloading Windows XP to a newly reformatted HD, when you are asked for a user name, to enter “fake”, which I did. Thereafter, the process broke down, as my computer did not show some of the stuff that, according to Mr. Spector, was supposed to be there.
    Now, I have hidden somewhere in my computer this userid “fake”. It does not show up in Control Panel’s User Accounts, so I cannot delete it. It does show up in C:\documents and settings. I cannot delete this userid, nor can I change the name as it is a Windows System file that is locked. . All cookies from my surfing are registered to “fake”. This “fake” item is sprinkled all over my Windows Registry.
    If I go into the registry and change every occurrence of “fake” to “Ronald”, will this cause problems? What else can I do?.
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